N'Ice Burger

Discover the waves

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Waves of sensation

A unique mix
of a warm bun
and cold ice cream

Easy to prepare! Just 6 minutes in the oven. Say What? Sparkles
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Warm outside - cold inside

A soft, sweet bun filled with artisan vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips and a core of Belgian chocolate.

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Vanilla ice cream

Soft, creamy vanilla ice cream prepared according to a traditional, authentic recipe. That's the secret of N'Ice Burger. A cold sensation that makes your taste buds shiver with pleasure.

Pure Belgian chocolate

Crispy pieces of dark chocolate are hidden in the vanilla ice cream. The heart of N'Ice Burger is also made of chocolate. An extra dimension with an intense cocoa flavour.

Warm, Belgian bun

A baked sweet bun gives N'Ice Burger its warm exterior. The fried yeast dough is prepared the traditional way: deliciously soft inside, crispy on the outside.

Splash Splash

Where it all began.
This is our story.

Did you know that the success recipe for N'Ice burger actually began in 1945?

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Quick to prepare, just heat up in the oven

You are just 3 steps and 6 minutes away from your first N'Ice Burger.

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